M.E.D. is a program system for collection, processing and presentation of energy measurements – electrical energy, heat, water, gas etc. measured using devices distributed in the field. The system offers the option to make remote collection of data from electrometers, gasmeters, watermeters, heat meters etc. It is possible to evaluate data measured using the reports, which will offer quick overview about the status of the counters or energy consumption, they will enable the creation of complex statistics, the evaluation of the quality of the energy supplied, its outage or even an estimation of the energy consumption for the following time period. The system is being offered as a service (web application), the client accesses it from anywhere through the internet and it is possible to add new functions according to client´s needs. The data from the system can be exported for further processing..
M.E.D. system can be used by both single consumers as well as big companies with tenths or hundreds of operations.